About VR

VItality RunThe Vitality Run was spawned out of a drive to make a change.  We live in a world that is slowly getting sicker.  For the first time in history, according to some academics our kids will have a shorter life expectancy than us.  We can’t let that theory become true!

People run for many reasons.  Some say it gives them stress release, or burns pesky calories or gives them a sense of community with others they run with.   In short, they do it for health.

“Health” is a concept that has lost its way.  It doesn’t mean what it used to. Now, many people believe, if they don’t have any diagnosed diseases, they are “healthy”.

We tend to think health is a little more than that.  We believe we were not meant to merely survive in this world but to THRIVE in it!

Vitality is more than “health” it is a celebration of life, and a connection with the world around us.  While we run, and in doing so it makes us healthier, we do not run for “health” we run for VITALITY!

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